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Abundance Postnatal Massage

Providing Singapore Post Natal Massage

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We provide quality massage and facial services at your own convenience, especially relaxing Singapore post natal massage, available right in your own house! Only masseuses (female masseurs) will be sent, ensuring that you enjoy our service in security and privacy.

Our objectives are to meet the needs of every client, above and beyond their expectations.

We place a high standard on our services and products at an affordable price.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring maximum satisfaction to every client with our dedication and commitment towards her health and wellness.


Our Focus

Good post-natal care is essential to help ensure that the new mum is healthy, well-adjusted and capable of looking after both herself and her newborn.

Massage received after birth aids in the “healing and reconditioning of areas” that have been “stressed” during the labour and delivery process.



  • Provide emotional support with nurturing touch
  • Provide anxiety and stress relief and generally help the new mum to relax
  • Alleviate muscle strain caused by the delivery process
  • Reduce muscular aches and pain that may be caused by nursing and carrying the infant
  • Enhance and promote blood circulation
  • Relieve water retention
  • Helps to restore body to its pre-pregnancy state