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Tan Li Lian

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Prior to my pregnancy, I enjoyed going for massages and had unfortunately some unpleasant experiences with some well known massage places.  The masseuses assigned were not as skilled and experienced and to be honest, could feel that some were just massaging me to pass time (eg 45 mins massage session), just a job, no effort is made for the comfort and enjoyment of the client.

Given the bad experience and when I was searching for a pre-natal masseuse, I spent lots of time researching for options.   Pre-natal massages also involves the life of my baby and I, it was even more critical to get the right masseuse as it could have detrimental impact.

I did some research on some pre & post natal massage agencies, the prices is quite steep and whilst some provide flexibility in timing, there is no guarantee that I will be assigned my preferred masseuse(s) all the time.   That to me, was a major concern because I wanted someone who is properly certified, is skilled and I am comfortable with.

Eventually I ended up engaging Jeanie’s service and no regrets at all!  In fact I recommended her to my friends too. She holds the required qualification including pre-natal, is very diligent and could see she puts in the effort in ensuring a proper message is done each time. She comes to my place and is relatively flexible with timing, of course subject to reasonable timing and notice.

For each session, she will do a thorough head to toe (literally!!) massage and she does it in a very systematic and enjoyable manner.

Her charges are reasonable especially if I compare them with what the massage agencies charge.  In addition, that is inclusive of her travel time and cost to my place so that’s a plus point for me.

I am happy with her service and in fact, carried on with post natal massage with Jeanie and to-date, though my son is coming to 2, I still arrange for massage session by Jeanie whenever possible.

I would highly recommend her to someone looking for a good masseuse.

If you are looking for a masseuse who has good PR skills, she’s not one.  However, if you are looking for someone who quietly does a good job, whilst you relax and you get the real value of what you are paying for, she’s the right person.

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